Simple, powerful solutions for complex business processes.



        Start with the end user in mind

Starting with the end in mind means building enterprise systems from the end users’ point of view. What do they need to execute their business process? What systems and data do they need to access? What is the best interface that gives them the ability to easily act on data and maintain data security?

What if your business users and developers could build data interaction solutions that are cross-functional, cross-application and cross-database with a single, consistent user experience? Your end users would be more focused and work more effectively without being distracted by the limits of their technology.


CRM data solutions users love

AppBuddy’s Data Interaction Solutions deliver that “last mile” of user experience connecting existing enterprise systems into applications that users love.

Data interaction solutions help business users quickly adapt enterprise systems to meet their changing business requirements. AppBuddy’s data interaction solutions create single user experiences to interact with data from disparate business applications and data, enabling business users to get their work done fast.

AppBuddy accomplishes this with the following key capabilities:

  • An exceptional user experience where users can get work done fast.
  • One place for business users to connect to and transact against integrated data.
  • No code required. Complete applications can be configured with AppBuddy’s Grid Productivity Solutions.
  • Minimal user training to deliver fast time-to-value.
AppBuddy’s Grid Productivity Solutions deliver the following key enterprise business processes.


Opportunity Management



The problem: Lost sales time, lost revenue

Your sales team spends too much time updating opportunities because the CRM environment can be cumbersome and time consuming. Generating an accurate pipeline forecast is nearly impossible.

The solution: Give users a solution that makes updating opportunities quick and easy

Our solution makes it quick and easy to mass update opportunities in your CRM, ensuring everything is updated in real-time. When users keep opportunity data current, you increase the accuracy of your data and your pipeline forecasting.

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Account Planning


The problem: Poor visibility of account data

When account teams work around your account planning systems, you lack full visibility into that account. An incomplete view of account data causes account teams to miss opportunities and slows response to customer needs.


The solution: Immediate account visibility in one place

Give your salespeople everything they need to inform their customer meetings related to an opportunity—in one view—no matter where the data resides.

AppBuddy makes it simple for sales reps to interact with data and follow your company’s account planning process within the CRM. Your salespeople have everything they need to inform their customer meetings related to any account opportunity—in one view—no matter where the data resides.

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Forecasting Accuracy



The problem: Your forecasts are not accurate

Inaccurate sales forecasts could be putting your business at risk of missing a quarter, missing a market opportunity, missing a product signal or missing a competitive move. If your sales reps aren’t forecasting quickly and easily in your CRM, you will never know what you’ve missed and how much risk you have.


The solution: Shift your data accuracy into high gear

AppBuddy’s solution provides your sales reps with a single user experience that makes it easy to view and update all the data relevant to their opportunities in real-time. When sales teams and leaders can see context around an opportunity, they can take more informed action against that opportunity and forecasting accuracy increases.

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Lightning Migration


The problem: Migrating to Lightning presents challenges to existing Salesforce® customizations and processes

While there are many benefits to the new Lightning Experience, it does not deliver the same user experience as Classic, and transitioning users can take time. Also, many customizations are not supported in Lightning, and can impede your Lightning migration.


The solution: Execute a seamless Lightning migration

Using a proven technology like GridBuddy can retain essential functionality not natively available in Lightning, reuse custom Javascript and legacy components, all while supporting Classic and Lightning Experience simultaneously. GridBuddy mitigates these limitations and deliver a seamless, smooth transition that everyone will enjoy!

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Customer 360-Degree View



The problem: Disjointed view of customer data

When customer data lives in multiple business applications it’s difficult to get a complete view of your customers in one place and to take real-time action on that data necessary to provide customers with an incredible experience.


The solution: Connect customer interactions with a customer 360-degree view

With AppBuddy, you can improve your operations to deliver a superior experience that customers have come to expect, easily and without complex and costly systems integrations. You can achieve this in minutes or hours, instead of spending months on custom development of an efficient customer experience delivery solution.

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Customer Success


The problem: Hidden dimensions of customer success data

Customer success managers want to see everything related to their customers in one place. They also need to take action - see and track meetings, touchpoints and conversations - all while being able to interact with their data to focus on what matters most.



The solution: Deliver success with a holistic view of your customers

Our solution gives customer success managers what they need to be able to see and interact with the customer data most important to them in one easy-to-use interface.

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Renewals Management



The problem: Your renewal opportunities are slipping through the cracks

Renewals managers often need to go into each account, one-by-one, to track upcoming renewal opportunities. Without a complete view of the account, renewals managers are missing key context to mitigate issues that could be stalling a renewal.


The solution: Renew more deals, more effectively and easily

With our solution, renewal managers can see everything they need from multiple objects all in one elegant screen within Salesforce. They can also structure a renewal process that follows their specific business requirements, saving time and improving renewal rates.

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Case Management


The problem: Incomplete customer view for case management

Great case management requires access to all information about a customer’s issue, regardless of where it resides. Not having visibility or the ability to interact with important case related data not only makes case management extremely inefficient and time consuming, but also negatively impacts your customer’s experience.


The solution: Bring your case information front-and-center

Our solution brings all your case information front-and-center to enable your users to quickly access and update case related data, and view related customer information. Case managers interact with the right data regardless of the many systems and applications in which it lives.

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Lead & Campaign Management



The problem: Duplicate leads create productivity issues

Productivity issues arise when you have duplicate leads in your CRM system. List cleaning and scrubbing for duplicates is a common but challenging task.


The solution: Make it easy for your users to cross reference leads on a single grid

The AppBuddy solution makes it easy to cross reference leads and contacts in a single grid to quickly scrub leads and reduce duplicate entries.

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Sales & Operations Management


The problem: Manual hand-offs across the planning process

Dealing with multiple systems of record, on different platforms, with different business processes running across functions, divisions and geographies? We know the challenges this presents when executing a consistent S&OP process.


The solution: Break down system silos

Our innovative new approach delivers a data interaction platform to connect core systems, enabling users to bring cross-domain data and processes together into one consolidated, actionable user experience.


Revenue Reconciliation



The problem: Revenue reconciliation requires data in disparate systems to be aligned

At any large company, revenue data resides in CRM, financials, and even compensation systems, all of which do not seamlessly connect. Data integration is done the hard way, with swivel chair integration, or massive spreadsheets that quickly fall out of date.


The solution: Streamline your revenue reconciliation process in a single user experience

With ProcessGrid you can easily build a grid that shows all of the data from both systems in one integrated view—and allow your analyst to not only view, but work on that data from directly within Salesforce or SAP!

With GridBuddy and ProcessGrid, the solutions to your business process challenges are endless!