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Start with the end in mind

When you start with the end in mind, you build cross-functional, cross-application, cross-database business processes with a single, consistent user experience. Your users work most effectively when they focus on their work, not distracted by the limits of their technology. AppBuddy delivers that last mile of user experience that increases revenue, decreases costs and delivers full digitization across your business.


The Promise Of Digital

Digital transformation delivers increased revenue, lower costs, and above all delights customers. Yet, companies often fall short because of the lack of applications and systems that deliver complete, cross-functional business processes. Businesses struggle with one-off uncoordinated efforts within silos that fail to have company-wide impact. Outdated models for delivering business processes across disjointed applications with custom IT development just don’t work anymore.


Enter Business Process Interaction

Our solutions instantly increase productivity, connect business processes and relevant data in a single user experience, so you can focus on delivering a seamless customer experience—easily, and gracefully.


We deliver this through AppBuddy's Business Process Interaction Platform™, a leading-edge innovation that enables you to unite your disparate systems, processes and applications into one, cohesive user experience. No need to replace or rebuild existing investments because it works on top of your existing infrastructure. And it works with existing security so you can work confidently and securely. Our Business Process Interaction Platform delivers many key enterprise business processes.


Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management in Salesforce

The problem:

Lost sales time, lost revenue

Your sales team spends too much time updating opportunities because updating opportunities in the Salesforce environment can be cumbersome and time consuming. Doing so requires multiple page loads and navigating in and out of different records. Often times this leads to poor data entry of opportunity information, and forecasting inaccuracies and incompleteness. Without accurate opportunity information, generating an accurate pipeline forecast is nearly impossible.

APPBUDDY Solution:

Give users a solution that makes updating opportunities quick and easy

Our solution makes it quick and easy to mass update opportunities in Salesforce so your reps can update everything in real-time. When users keep opportunity and related data current, you increase the accuracy of your data and your pipeline forecasting. Our customers use GridBuddy as their go-to solution to quickly update their opportunities, contacts and related information to help trigger downstream processes to close deals faster and improve customer satisfaction. Find out how GridBuddy saved NetApp Sales Reps over 70,000 hours per year, improved their data accuracy, and significantly increased Salesforce user adoption.

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Account Planning


Poor visibility of account data

Account management can be a headache when you lack full visibility into all your customer data. Adding to this problem is when account planning happens outside of Salesforce, on spreadsheets and presentations. This siloed management of data in disparate systems leads to incomplete view of all the moving parts of an account and account data that causes account teams to miss opportunities and slows response to customer needs.


Immediate account visibility in one place

Give your salespeople everything they need to inform their customer meetings related to an opportunity—in one view—no matter where the data resides.

With AppBuddy’s solution, users can see all the data they need for account planning in one actionable view, so they can easily view, update and act upon account data in one place. As a result, management has full real-time visibility into the most important accounts. Sales and account managers can effectively collaborate on strategic accounts. Our customers have standardized their account planning processes in the system of record, increasing user adoption, account visibility, and sales effectiveness throughout their sales organizations. Find out how Adobe implemented a formal account planning process that significantly improved the accuracy of their data.

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Account Planning in Salesforce

Forecasting Accuracy

Forecast Management in Salesforce


Your forecasts are not accurate

Inaccurate revenue forecasts could be putting your business at risk. Don’t let incomplete opportunity information in Salesforce, due to poor process adoption, turn into a forecasting nightmare.


Shift your data accuracy into high gear

Our solution provides your sales reps with a single user experience that makes it easy to view and update the data relevant to their opportunities in real-time, so they no longer have an excuse to document and track their progress outside of Salesforce. While enforcing process adoption in Salesforce is challenging, GridBuddy’s user tracking and analytics capabilities, provide leadership and sales operations with the visibility into how often and how completely salespeople are updating their records.

In addition to data accuracy, having visibility into related opportunity information in one place improves forecasting accuracy. When sales teams and leaders can see context around an opportunity, accuracy increases. Context could be customer credit information, product availability for a manufacturer, lead times for delivery, or past order history. Having this context in one single view provides a richer view of each opportunity. Our customers have saved thousands of hours with streamlined, informed forecasting.

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Lightning Migration


Migrating to Lightning presents challenges to existing Salesforce® modifications and processes

One of the biggest challenges organizations face when migrating to Lightning is not fully understanding what will become of the custom buttons, links, and objects that have taken so much time and resources to develop. Transitioning away from Classic to Lightning costs time, money, and requires a concerted effort across your organization.


Execute a seamless Lightning migration

Transitioning to Lightning is inevitable. And although some of the current limitations can add to the complexity of migrating, this shouldn’t keep you up at night. Using a proven technology like GridBuddy can help mitigate some of those limitations and deliver a seamless, smooth transition that everyone will enjoy!

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Customer 360-Degree View

360 Degree Views For Customers


Disjointed view of customer data

When customer data lives in multiple business applications it’s difficult to get a complete view of your customers in one place. Add organizational silos, and the task is nearly impossible. This inefficient approach leads to poor customer experience and satisfaction.


Connect customer interactions with a customer 360-degree view

When you have a complete view of your customers, you can transform their experience and improve their satisfaction and loyalty. With AppBuddy’s solution, you can deliver a superior experience that customers have come to expect, easily and without complex and costly systems integrations. Think account management, customer service, delivery, customer success, and renewals management, all in one actionable view tailored for who needs to see it—no matter where the data resides.

For example, a customer service representative who is trying to correct a delivery issue would need to know current order information, delivery schedules and technician availability to provide the customer with a superior experience. A complete and single view helps align cross-departmental process, and smooth hand-offs along your customer’s journey.

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Customer Success


Hidden dimensions of customer success data

Customer success managers want to see everything related to their customers in one place. They need to see their accounts, account health status, account tier, renewal or repurchase dates, annual contract value, market segment and most important account contacts—all in one workspace. They also need a way to see and track their meetings, touchpoints and conversations as well, all while being able to slice and dice, sort and filter their data.



Deliver success with a holistic view of your customers

AppBuddy’s solution gives customer success managers what they need to be able to see the customer data most important to them. Our highly configurable solution for Customer Success delivers the visibility and tools to manage all of your customer data and ensure the success of your customers.

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Renewals Management

Renewals Management in Salesforce


Your renewal opportunities are slipping through the cracks or take too long to process

If you don’t have a tightly structured process in place, you could be missing out on renewal opportunities and losing revenue. In Salesforce, renewals managers go into each account, one by one, to track upcoming renewal opportunities. This process makes it difficult to have a complete quick snapshot view of all your renewal opportunities, and to process them in a timely manner especially if the volume of renewals is high.



Renew more deals, more effectively and easily

With AppBuddy’s solution, renewal managers can structure a renewal process to show upcoming renewals and all the data related to processing those renewals all in one elegant screen within Salesforce, saving time and improving renewal consistency. Our customers are already using our solution in Salesforce Lightning experience and the Service Cloud console to manage all renewals, overcoming system limitations and complexity.

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Case Management


Incomplete customer view for case management

Poor visibility into case related information not only makes case management extremely inefficient and time consuming, but also negatively impacts your customer’s experience.


Bring your case information front-and-center

AppBuddy’s solution brings your case information front-and-center to enable your users to quickly access and update case related information, and view related customer information all on one screen. Our solution reduces the time it takes to manage a high volume of case related data. We enable users to efficiently cross reference custom or standard objects—such as opportunities—with cases, all within one grid to update multiple records at once. Find out how Giant Eagle, one of the nation's largest food retailers and distributors, reduced their call center hours by 75%.

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Case Management in Salesforce

Lead and Campaign Management

 Lead Management in Salesforce


Duplicate leads create productivity issues

Productivity issues arise when you have duplicate leads in your CRM system. List cleaning and scrubbing for duplicates is a common but challenging task. Assigning multiple leads to campaigns or activities and tasks can be a time-consuming, multi-step process.


Make it easy for your users to cross reference leads on a single grid

AppBuddy's solution makes it easy to cross reference leads and contacts in a single grid to quickly scrub leads and reduce duplicate entries. Anyone in your sales organization or marketing ops team can quickly assign leads and contacts to Salesforce campaigns and quickly edit data at once.

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Sales and Operations Management


Manual hand-offs across the planning process

Dealing with multiple systems of record, on different platforms, with different business processes running across functions, divisions and geographies? We know the challenges this presents when executing a consistent S&OP process.

Past solutions to solve this decades-old problem have been consistently unsuccessful. From manual roll-ups of forecasts and demand plans in spreadsheets to even the most recent techniques with data integration and the replication of data from one system to another, are greatly flawed. When data resides in and outside systems, with different sets of actions being performed simultaneously, data can quickly get out of sync, introducing data integrity issues, poor execution of demand plans and negative financial consequences.


Break Down System Silos

AppBuddy's innovative new approach delivers a platform to connect core systems, enabling users to bring cross-domain data and processes together into a consolidated, actionable user experience. Users can conduct transactional edits exponentially faster than they can with core applications alone, and they can contextually launch process actions against their data across data, business processes and applications from a consistent, intuitive user experience. Handoffs now happen seamlessly between systems and functions.

GridBuddy for Desktops

Revenue Reconciliation

Appbuddy Solutions


Revenue reconciliation requires data in disparate systems to be aligned

At any large company, revenue data resides in CRM, financials, and even compensation systems, all of which do not seamlessly connect. To reconcile revenue, finance must access each system, and not only view the data, but make necessary corrections so that revenue can be reported and sales reps paid. Too often this entails swivel chair integration, or massive spreadsheets that quickly fall out of date..


Streamline your revenue reconciliation process in a single user experience

A Sales Operations or Finance Analyst needs to reconcile closed won opportunities within Salesforce with billing information in Oracle. With ProcessGrid you can easily build a grid that shows all of the data from both systems in one integrated view—and allow your analyst to not only view, but work on that data from directly within Salesforce and Oracle at the same time!

With GridBuddy and ProcessGrid the solutions to your business process challenges are endless!

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