Renewals Management


The problem

Renewal opportunities slip through the cracks, take too long to process

If you don’t have a tightly structured process in place, you could be missing out on renewal opportunities and losing revenue. With Salesforce, renewals managers go into each account, one by one, to track upcoming renewal opportunities. This is not an ideal workflow, especially when your renewals team has to manage and prioritize a high volume of renewals. It also makes it difficult to have a complete, quick snapshot view of all your renewal opportunities, and to process them in a timely manner.


AppBuddy solution

Renew more deals, quickly and easily

With AppBuddy’s solution, renewal managers can structure a renewal process to show upcoming renewals and all the data related to processing those renewals in one screen within Salesforce, saving time and improving renewal consistency. AppBuddy customers are using GridBuddy in Salesforce Lightning experience and the Service Cloud console to manage all renewals, overcome system limitations and complexity, and deliver more revenue.


A better way to manage your Renewals

Leading software provider streamlines Renewals with GridBuddy

A leading software provider uses GridBuddy in Lightning Experience to surface data from the Service Cloud console to handle all renewals. With GridBuddy they were able to overcome the system limitations of their complex environment.

Renewal managers used to go into each account one by one to track renewals, but now they have a streamlined grid view of upcoming renewals within the Case detail page. This not only helps them save time, but it also helps improve their renewal consistency, and revenue.

In this video, you will learn how GridBuddy helps streamline the entire renewal process.


Renewals Management

See how easy it is to manage upcoming renewals by sorting, grouping and filtering important account information such as contact records and renewal opportunities all in one grid.

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