Opportunity Management


The problem
Lost sales time, lost revenue

Your sales team spends too much time updating opportunities in Salesforce because it is cumbersome and time consuming. In Salesforce, updating an opportunity requires multiple page loads and navigating in and out of different records. This poor data entry of opportunity information leads to forecasting inaccuracies and incompleteness. Without accurate opportunity information, generating an clean forecast is nearly impossible.


AppBuddy solution

Give users a solution that makes updating opportunities quick and easy

GridBuddy makes it quick and easy to mass update opportunities in Salesforce in real-time. When your reps can keep opportunity and related data current, you increase the accuracy of your data and your pipeline forecasting. Our customers use GridBuddy as their go-to solution to quickly update their opportunities, contacts and related information to help trigger downstream processes to close deals faster and improve customer satisfaction.

Find out how NetApp sales reps saved over 70,000 hours per year, improved their data accuracy, and significantly increased user adoption.

A better way to manage your opportunity pipeline

Updating data in Salesforce means working with single object list views and single record detail pages. As a result, editing multiple opportunities with multiple objects in Salesforce takes many page loads and clicks.

For example, editing three Opportunities with three related Opportunity Products in Salesforce takes:

32 page loads, 56 clicks, and 3 minutes and 24 seconds

With AppBuddy the same task take seconds to complete, so you can complete a weekly pipeline review or work through all your high priority cases as fast as you work in Excel. Here’s how GridBuddy can increase your organization’s opportunity management productivity by up to 400%.

  • Inline edit, mass update or mass delete multiple records from multiple objects in a single view
  • Filter and sort data sets to exact user requirements
  • Reduced user frustration and increase adoption by presenting data in terms users will understand, not

Customer implementation of AppBuddy for Opportunity Management

Intelsat, a global leader in satellite communications and networking, leverages AppBuddy for more strategic and effective opportunity management. Intelsat turned to GridBuddy by AppBuddy for help improving data quality to fuel faster, more insightful decision making in complex sales cycles.

In this video you will learn how to manage opportunities in Salesforce with GridBuddy.


Opportunity Management

In this example, you will see how GridBuddy improves overall productivity by empowering sales reps to easily edit important deal information such as close dates, forecast categories, lead sources and contacts in real time with inline editing.


Customer Success Story


Intelsat uses GridBuddy to create multi-level list views and personalized views that bring together data from multiple sources with just a few clicks to create a scalable, intuitive single user experience for everyone on the team.

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