Forecasting accuracy


The problem

Your forecasts are not accurate

Inaccurate revenue forecasts could be putting your business at risk. Don’t let incomplete opportunity information in Salesforce, due to poor process adoption, turn into a forecasting nightmare. The process of logging opportunity updates is not ideal, often requiring users to navigate in and out of multiple screen views and records. As a result, your sales reps are only logging in the minimal information needed to get by, or spending hours on making updates to their opportunities while they could be focusing on a more productive use of their time.

AppBuddy solution

Shift your data accuracy into a higher gear

Our solution allows sales managers to quickly view and edit forecasts with the latest data available from their sales reps. Sales reps are provided with a single user experience that makes it easy to view and update the data relevant to their opportunities in real-time, so they no longer have an excuse to document and track their progress outside of Salesforce. While enforcing process adoption in Salesforce is challenging, GridBuddy’s user tracking and analytics capabilities, provide leadership and sales operations with the visibility into how often and how completely salespeople are updating their records.


Context around Opportunities increases Forecasting accuracy

In addition to data accuracy, having visibility into related opportunity information in one place improves forecasting accuracy. When sales teams and leaders can see context around an opportunity, accuracy increases. Context could be customer credit information, product availability for a manufacturer, lead times for delivery, or past order history. Having this context in one single view provides a richer view of each opportunity. Our customers have saved thousands of hours with streamlined, informed forecasting.




Data storage pioneer uses GridBuddy to enhance sales data hygiene, increase sales opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction.



Adroll's Secret To Keeping Sales Data Accurate

Find out how AdRoll, the retargeting and prospecting platform of choice for over 25,000 advertisers worldwide, successfully automated many of their manual processes in their customer lifecycle using GridBuddy with Salesforce.

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