Customer Success


The problem

Hidden dimensions of customer success data

In order to be effective, customer success managers must have access to all the important customer data. But, often that data resides in multiple places and customer success managers can't see everything related to their customers at their fingertips. They need to see their accounts, account health status, account tier, renewal or repurchase dates, annual contract value, market segment and, most important, account contacts—all in one workspace. Customer success managers also need a way to see and track their meetings, touchpoints, tasks, activities, and conversations, all while being able to slice and dice, sort and filter their data in meaningful ways.


AppBuddy solution

Deliver success with a complete view of your customers

AppBuddy’s solution gives customer success managers what they need to be able to access the customer data most important to them in one complete view. Our highly configurable solution for Customer Success delivers visibility and functionality to quickly manage customer data and ensure the success of your customers. Customer success managers are delighted to work within a clean and efficient workspace that delivers the data they need to execute, while also tracking progress and updates. If information is power, GridBuddy is the supercharger of customer success.


A better way to manage Customer Success

NetApp uses AppBuddy to surface Customer Success stories

NetApp has implemented many use cases with AppBuddy, and surfacing customer success stories with GridBuddy was a great way for them to save money and increase success stories. NetApp used GridBuddy with Salesforce to surface customer success stories. This solution not only allowed them to replace a $150,000 per year subscription for another SaaS product with GridBuddy, but they were also able to streamline the collaboration process across the sales organization to better track and surface customer success stories.

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