Lightning Migration


The problem

Migrating to Lightning presents challenges to existing Salesforce® modifications and processes

One of the biggest challenges organizations face when migrating to Lightning is not fully understanding what will become of the custom buttons, links, and objects that have taken so much time and resources to develop. Transitioning away from Classic to Lightning costs time, money, and requires a concerted effort across your organization.

Lightning Readiness reports are often lengthy, and most Salesforce admins don't have the time or perhaps even the expertise to understand every aspect well enough to determine every implication. Furthermore, a big challenge organizations face in the migration is that Lightning doesn't support some of the more popular features or capabilities users have grown accustomed to in Classic.

AppBuddy solution

Execute a seamless Lightning migration

Transitioning to Lightning is complex, but it doesn't have to be chaotic or disruptive. And although some of the current limitations can add to the complexity of migrating, this shouldn’t keep you up at night. Using a proven technology like GridBuddy can help mitigate some of those limitations and deliver a seamless, smooth transition that everyone will enjoy.

Our solution addresses feature gaps in Lightning, while also providing essential functionality not natively available in either Classic or Lightning such as inline editing and single page multi-object updating capabilities. Users save time and resources while developing Lightning components which allow you to preserve custom buttons, links, and objects. Seamless transitions are enabled while allowing you to keep both Classic and Lightning running simultaneously for a methodical, deliberate transition at your own pace.


A proven solution to tackle your transition with less disruptions

Using an industry proven technology, like GridBuddy, provides solutions to overcome some of the features gaps between Salesforce Classic and Lightning, which will help you transition sooner—and with fewer challenges—than your competitors and provide you with greater mobility, flexibility, and productivity by:

  • Creating single page user experiences to improve visibility, navigation, and productivity
    • Bulk editing and Mass Updating on Multi-object use cases
    • Using GridBuddy to replace related lists with grids with more fields and more editing power
  • Providing essential functionality not natively available in Lightning
    • Support for unsupported objects in Lightning, like Schedules or Contact Roles
    • Reusing custom javascript and legacy components like Custom Buttons and Links which are not supported in Lightning
  • Supporting Classic and Lightning Experience simultaneously

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