Case Management


The problem

Incomplete Customer View for User Management

Poor visibility into case related information not only makes case management extremely inefficient and time consuming, but also negatively impacts your customer’s experience. Truly customer-centric companies deliver amazing customer experiences along the entire buyer’s journey, including customer service and support. That means your case management solution needs to provide your service reps with access to all the right data at the right time, to ensure they deliver an experience based on the most recent and complete customer data available.

AppBuddy solution

Bring your case information front and center

AppBuddy’s solution brings your case information front-and-center to enable your users to quickly access and update case related information, and view related customer information all on one screen. Our solution reduces the time it takes to manage a high volume of case related data. We enable users to efficiently and rapidly cross reference custom or standard objects—such as opportunities—with cases, all within one grid. This allows services reps to update multiple records at once, and creates a user workflow that’s easy use and easy to update. Managers can easily uplevel visibility of Cases for weekly review meetings.


Customer finds success with AppBuddy Case Management

Case managment is not only about enabling your internal workforce, it’s about delighting your customers. Our customers are able to do just that. Giant Eagle finds case management success with AppBuddy, reducing their data management time by 85%, and in doing so, improving online and in-store customer experiences. With a streamlined approach to case management, they also reduced their call center hours by 75%-85%. To learn more about how Giant Eagle, one of the nation's largest food retailers and distributors, leverages AppBuddy’s case management solution, read the case study below.

Learn how GridBuddy helps manage cases in the Service Cloud Console of Salesforce.


Case Management

Learn how GridBuddy helps manage cases in the Service Cloud Console of Salesforce. In this video, you will see how users can work more efficiently with fully customizable grids based on individual workflows and processes.


Customer Success Story

Giant Eagle

Venerable grocery store chain uses GridBuddy to reduce data management time by 85% to improve online and in-store customer experiences.

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