Release Notes
AppBuddy Cloud

Version 1.3 - April 2018


  • Support for using Single Sign On with the user Federation ID. See the configuration option on the Organization's Profile page after enabling Single Sign On.


  • Support for SAP custom objects. Add custom objects by creating a Datasource with the type SAP Hybris, selecting the Custom OData Service option, and entering the Service URL. This custom object datasource will be available for configuration in the Grid Wizard. Custom object records can be viewed, edited, and created.
  • Support for SAP objects: Account Notes, Contact Notes, Opportunity Notes, Opportunity Attachments (read-only), Task Notes.
  • Handle SAP's fields on Opportunity Item: Proposed Value (now read-only), Negotiated Value (Currency is read-only).
  • Enable the record detail action on the grid for SAP datasources, only applies to standard SAP objects that support this functionality.
  • Enhance the Single Sign On authentication flow for embedded Grids.
  • Support fpf/fpv parameters for SAP grids even if the fpf field is not present on the grid.
  • Support for hiding the parent row and relevant header elements when filtering by record id & fpf/fpv; use the hideParent=1URL parameter. This option is only applicable when there's a single parent record.
  • Improved error handling for id and fpf/fpv parameter scenarios.
  • Support mass updating on multi-picklist fields.
  • Real-time data-type specific validation on Grid inputs and relevant modules, including Field Filter, Mass Update, User-Defined Filters.
  • Improved datasource error messaging.

Grid Wizard

  • Real-time data-type specific validation on Grid Wizard inputs for Filters.


  • Performance improvements when retrieving and caching SAP metadata.


  • Adjusted session timeout to 1 hour, provide warning to user 5 minutes before session ends.
  • Styling, messaging, and usability improvements on the Login, Password, Organization, and Grid Wizard pages.