Connect to your Salesforce® data easily and powerfully with a single, actionable view

Easily build a single view of your Salesforce data that is actionable, without thousands of lines of code or clicking around.

With GridBuddy, you can immediately connect to your Salesforce data and take intelligent action using a single view. GridBuddy is easily configured for the many types of users in your organization and for any business process. There’s no coding, no long IT development cycles, no expensive custom applications, and best of all, no more rogue spreadsheets! Keep everyone (and your data) in Salesforce by providing the exact tools they need to work efficiently.


Update your opportunity pipeline data in seconds

Take the drudgery out of processing leads

Empower leaders to rapidly manage forecasts

Bring key renewals into an actionable, prioritized view

Break down data silos with Customer 360 views

GridBuddy is the most productive user experience in the Salesforce® ecosystem.
Better data, improved pipelines and forecasts, shorter sales cycles, and faster revenue conversion.


Make your migration to Lightning easy!

GridBuddy supports both Salesforce Classic and Lightning simultaneously, so Lightning can be rolled out incrementally. If you are ready to take the plunge into Lightning, rest easily because GridBuddy supports objects and features not supported in Lightning but that you enjoy in Classic like Schedules, Contact Roles, Custom Buttons and Links.

Learn how Steven Cox and his sales team at NetApp use AppBuddy to improve customer satisfaction and data accuracy while also keeping its Salesforce users happy.

We started with just a few folks on the GridBuddy and now are extending it to a whole department and upgrading to the unlimited version. This product saves hours of work for many folks in our organization.

Sonia Detels

Sr. IT Business Relationship Manager at Calix Networks
“GridBuddy is drop-dead easy to setup and configure, and support for the product is fantastic too. The time your users save will pay for the product before you realize it.”

Jim Mitchell

Sr. Business Systems Analyst at VIZIO, Inc
GridBuddy has helped us to reduce call durations with customers, reduce operating costs and increase the volume of cases handled per agent all with very little configuration time needed.

Michael Speer

Programmer and Analyst at Giant Eagle
GridBuddy has been a game changer for us. All of our salespeople—reps, managers, and executives—have real-time, reliable access to accurate account information and the insights they need to close bigger deals, faster.

Marc Madenwald

Director of Sales Process and Productivity, Adobe Systems, Inc
GridBuddy has been instrumental in helping us standardize our sales processes and achieve a six-fold increase in the number of customer satisfaction surveys we’re able to send. Now, we have clearer insights into account health and sales opportunities that we previously couldn’t have identified. GridBuddy has become our Gold Standard for accessing and managing data in Salesforce.

Steven Cox

Manager of Global Sales Tools Strategy at NetApp
We have been using GridBuddy for the past few months and have become very big fans (and brand ambassadors!). The Grids are intuitive to create and use, and have led to serious efficiency gains for myself and my teammates.

Mickey Fuertes

Consultant at Bluewolf, and IBM company

Work easily across the Salesforce customer lifecycle with single-screen, actionable views

Updating data in native Salesforce means working with many single-object list views and single record detail pages. As a result, editing multiple records or multiple objects requires many page loads and clicks, and executing a simple business process like a forecast can take hours.

With GridBuddy, you can manage hundreds of records with minimal clicks, even across objects, without having to change your underlying data structures.

You can build custom, actionable views for the many different Salesforce users in your organization so they can quickly change, update, delete, and act upon their Salesforce data easily.