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Salesforce is the world’s leading cloud CRM. But its user experience lacks simplicity and speed, decreasing user adoption, productivity, and data quality.

GridBuddy™ changes the equation by simplifying and streamlining the way your users work with their data in Salesforce. Our solutions integrate the CRM data your users need into one simple view for better data, improved pipelines, shorter sales cycles, and faster revenue conversion.

GridBuddy features

  • User-centric visualization
  • Effortlessly update and act on data
  • Native to Salesforce (Lightning, Classic, Mobile)
  • Fully configurable, no code required
  • Maintain permissions, security, and underlying data structures
  • Cloud-based and mobile ready

Deliver fast changing customer-centric business processes when the business needs them.

Combine multiple data sets into one unified, actionable view.

Easy, intuitive visualization of data and business processes.

Improve Salesforce User Experience with GridBuddy

Cross-domain data interaction without changing underlying data structures.

GridWizard to quickly develop grids.

Native to Salesforce (Lightning, mobile, workflows)

View the GridBuddy demo jam
with Salesforce AppExchange

Demo video of GridBuddy for Salesforce AppExchange.

For more information, please read the GridBuddy datasheet


GridBuddy benefits


GridBuddy makes data interaction easy by intelligently connecting Salesforce clouds and data into one application experience users love.

Fully configurable gridbuddy.svg

Fully configurable

GridBuddy is easily configured for each user. No coding, no IT development cycles, no expensive custom applications.
gridbuddy easy to change.svg

Easily adopt new business processes

Customer-centric business processes change often, and the data needed does too. Grids can be quickly reconfigured by users and developers to reflect current business processes. GridBuddy integrates the right data and workflows into the new business process so users will happily interact with their data in the system.
gridbuddy combine related or unrelated objects.svg

Combine related or unrelated objects in one screen

Combine, cross-reference, and perform mass action on multiple data tables simultaneously, whether they are related or not. Add contacts to opportunities, update amounts and close dates, and create tasks all from one screen. GridBuddy simplifies complex data interaction.
Take-Intelligent-Action Icon.png

Take intelligent action

Surface the right data at the right time, and provide actions in context so people can make intelligent decisions. For example, interact with disparate data to manage all the moving parts of an opportunity pipeline, see the quality of the opportunity and be proactive in the sales cycle.
gridbuddy manage hundred of records with minimal clicks.svg

Manage hundreds of records with minimal clicks

Quickly create, mass update and delete records. Narrow data sets down to the exact records a user needs with powerful filtering capabilities.
gridbuddy build grids.svg

Build grids specific to your needs

With the Grid Wizard, administrators can specify the data set they want to include in a Grid. These data sets can be as simple as single tables or complex mappings of multiple tables together. Grids can be embedded anywhere your users need to interact with their data.
gridbuddy enable and mage cross domain data integration.svg

Enable and manage cross-domain data interaction

Combine data from multiple business domains together in meaningful ways. This enables users to answer complex business questions and quickly complete complex business processes in an efficient and consistent user experience.
gridbuddy keep your underlying grid structures.svg

Keep your underlying data structures

Work with the data you need regardless of where it resides in your existing data structures. This powerful capability allows you to keep your underlying data structures, yet deliver data to your users in one simple, actionable view. No IT involvement needed, no new data tables required.
gridbuddy full contol of user permissions.svg

Full control of user permissions

GridBuddy works with your existing underlying security, and enables additional process-specific security. You can fully control the data actions available to each user.
gridbuddy work from anywhere desktop or mobile.svg

Work from anywhere - desktop or mobile

GridBuddy is a web application built on Salesforce’s® platform which means it natively uses all Salesforce data, objects, fields and functions. GridBuddy does not use APIs or count toward API call limits. As reliable as the Salesforce service itself, supports desktop and mobile.

Ease your Migration to Lightning

GridBuddy’s data interaction grids work the same way whether in Classic or Lightning, including support for objects that are not supported in Lightning, like Schedules, Contact Roles, Custom Buttons and Links. GridBuddy supports users in both Classic and Lightning simultaneously, so rollouts can be scheduled incrementally.
gridbuddy choose from two options to fit your need.svg

Choose from two options to fit your needs

GridBuddy Unlimited which offers premium features designed for complex corporate environments, and GridBuddy Enterprise which serves customers with less complex needs.

Complete, easy data interaction across the customer lifecycle

Updating data in Salesforce means working with disparate single object list views and single record detail pages. As a result, editing multiple records or multiple objects in Salesforce takes too many page loads and clicks. Executing a simple business process, like updating a forecast, takes hours and requires too many user actions.

GridBuddy delivers data from multiple objects, records and list views in one simple grid that users can quickly change, update or delete. System administrators configure data interaction workspaces your users will love and use. Our customers have realized exceptional results with GridBuddy for:

GridBuddy Editions

Choose an edition based on the features you need
Configure Multi-Object Grids Standard and custom objects Enterprise edition + cross reference unrelated objects
Inline Create, Edit, Clone, Delete (respects Salesforce security permissions)
Multi-Object Mass Create, Update, and Delete
Configurable grid actions to launch Salesforce detail pages, third party applications, and existing customizations
Embed Grid as Editable Related Lists
Conditional Formatting
User-Defined Fast Filtering
Grouping and Sub-Totals
Summarize Columns, Multi-Column Sorting, and Freeze Columns
Support for Saleforce1 Mobile, Salesforce Connect (External Objects), and Salesforce Communities
Sticky Header and Footer
Sticky Header and Footer
Multi-Object Filters
Cross-Object Filters (filter parent by children) Any object except Task, Event or cross-referenced objects Any object on the grid
Export To Excel Parent object only Any object on the grid
Grid Usage Tracking and Dasboard
Integrate Custom Code
Advanced URL parameters (Multiple fpf/fpv parameters)
Flat View
Editable External Objects
Data Card

Why GridBuddy?

GridBuddy_Five Stars.svg

Customers give GridBuddy
a 5-star rating

With a perfect 5-star rating on Salesforce AppExchange, GridBuddy is one of the most installed apps year after year.

AB Proven Technology Platform.svg

Proven technology platform

We’ve been delighting our customers for six years and counting.

GridBuddy_Blue Chip Customers.svg

Diverse and growing
blue-chip customer base

Over 500 customers in 17 countries, including 75 enterprise customers with 5,000+ employees, use GridBuddy every day.

See GridBuddy FAQs

Getting Started

Do I need to have a Salesforce® account to use GridBuddy?


What Salesforce editions does GridBuddy support?

GridBuddy supports the following Salesforce editions:® Free, Developer, Group, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited.

What browsers does GridBuddy support?

You can use GridBuddy with any browser that supports. Salesforce Classic is supported with Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 9, 10, and 11, Apple® Safari® version 8.x on Mac OS X, and Microsoft® Edge for Windows® 10. The most recent stable versions of Mozilla® Firefox® and Google Chrome™ are also supported. There are some limitations.

Lightning Experience is supported with Apple® Safari® version 8.x and 9.x on Mac OS X and Microsoft® Edge for Windows® 10. The most recent stable versions of Mozilla® Firefox® and Google Chrome™ are also supported. If you’re using Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 9–11, you’re redirected to Salesforce Classic. There are some limitations. 

Is my data safe with GridBuddy?

GridBuddy is a 100% application that has passed's security review. GridBuddy does not store any information outside of the platform, so you can be sure that your data is as safe and secure as it is in Salesforce.

Does GridBuddy work on the iPad?

Yes. We recommend configuring the Grids via the Grid Wizard on a non-mobile device. The Grid views can then be used on other devices.


How long does it take for GridBuddy to install?

GridBuddy typically takes up to 10 minutes to install. This time varies depending on Salesforce's servers and the complexity of custom code in your Salesforce instance. You will receive an email from Salesforce once your install is complete.

How do I assign users to licenses of GridBuddy?

Please see our Getting Started guide for instructions on assigning users.

Does GridBuddy affect other code in my org?

GridBuddy is an Aloha package, which means it will not affect any existing code or ApexTM test methods in the orgs it is installed in.

Why did I receive this error when installing GridBuddy in my sandbox: "Your login attempt has failed. The username or password may be incorrect, or your location or login time may be restricted. Please contact the administrator at your company for help."

Unfortunately, this is an issue with not supporting installations into sandboxes very well. There is a way around it though. When you get to the "Install into My Salesforce Sandbox" screen, do not choose the "Already have a Salesforce account?" option. Instead, fill out the information on the left side of the form and hit submit. You should be directed to a screen to continue the rest of the install process.

Note that Salesforce does not allow us to manage sandbox installations past the trial period. To continue using GridBuddy after the trial, you will need to reinstall GridBuddy into your production environment.

Buying GridBuddy

How does the free 30-day trial work?

All you need is a account. No credit card or payment of any kind is necessary to start the trial. Just install GridBuddy from the AppExchange, and you will automatically be granted a free 30-day trial for up to 10 users.

How do I use GridBuddy after the trial period?

Just open the GridBuddy application from within your instance, and click on the "Buy GridBuddy" tab. Follow the wizard to enter the amount of licenses you need and your credit card information. Upon completion of the payment process, your subscription starts.

If your billing address or credit card issuer is outside the U.S. or you would like to set up invoicing for an annual subscription, email us at to complete your purchase.

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We do not accept PayPal. Invoicing and payment by company check is available for annual subscriptions. Please contact us for more information.

Got terms of service and privacy policies?

Here are our Terms of Service. Since we do not store any of your data, your privacy is governed by's privacy policies.

How much does GridBuddy cost?

GridBuddy is priced per user and we offer multiple tiers based on the volume of users in your org who are using GridBuddy. Please contact us at for details. Quarterly and annual subscriptions are available.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

GridBuddy is a pay-as-you-go service. You simply pay month-to-month, quarterly, annually, or multi-year depending on the payment plan you select. If you cancel, you'll be billed for the current month, quarter or year term, but you won't be billed again.

Is there a minimum number of GridBuddy licenses I need to purchase?

Yes, there is a 5 license minimum to purchase GridBuddy.

How do I add or subtract users, or cancel my subscription?

If you are in the trial period, the subscription has not started, and you can manage up to 10 users. If you have already purchased GridBuddy licenses, simply email for account changes. We will respond to your request immediately.

How easy is it to set up GridBuddy?

It's easy! See our setup steps here.

Is my data safe with GridBuddy?

GridBuddy is a 100% application that has passed's security review. GridBuddy does not store any information outside of the platform, so you can be sure that your data is as safe and secure as it is in Salesforce.

What browsers does GridBuddy support?

You can use GridBuddy with any browser that supports, including Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox 3+, Safari 4+, and Chrome 4+.

Have questions before you sign up?

If you have questions about GridBuddy or the sign up process just contact us at, and we'll get right back to you.

Trial & Purchasing

Can I try GridBuddy before I purchase it?

Yes. Install GridBuddy from the AppExchange as the System Administrator: You will automatically receive a free 30-day trial for up to 10 users. No credit card or payment of any kind is necessary to start the trial.

Can I bypass the 30-day trial?

Yes, simply click the Buy tab to purchase licenses after installation.

Can I purchase GridBuddy if my billing address or credit card issuer is outside the U.S.?

If you have a U.S. billing address and a U.S.-issued credit card you can purchase GridBuddy through the application's Buy GridBuddy tab. Otherwise please email us at to complete your purchase.

When I'm ready to purchase how do I keep the grids I made during my trial?

When you are ready to buy GridBuddy simply click the Buy GridBuddy tab and follow the steps there. The grids you created will not be deleted. If your billing address or credit card issuer is outside the U.S., please email us at to complete your purchase.

If your trial expired we will have to extend it. Please send an email to requesting an extension of your trial so you can purchase GridBuddy.

If you installed GridBuddy in your sandbox we cannot extend your trial nor can you move your grids into your production environment. This is a Salesforce issue.

My trial of GridBuddy just ended and GridBuddy's tabs are gone. How do I purchase GridBuddy now?

To purchase GridBuddy after your trial has ended, we will need to extend your trial period. Please send an email to Then the Buy GridBuddy tab will be available again. The grids that you defined during your trial period will be available after you purchase GridBuddy.

If your billing address or credit card issuer is outside the U.S., please email us at to complete your purchase.

If you installed GridBuddy in your sandbox we cannot extend your trial nor can you move your grids into your production environment. This is a Salesforce issue.

My Account

How much do GridBuddy upgrades cost?

GridBuddy upgrades are free.

How do I get the latest version of GridBuddy?

You can get the latest version of GridBuddy from the GridBuddy AppExchange listing: Click "Get it Now" and follow the install instructions. Your existing grids will remain intact after installing the new version.

How do I buy more GridBuddy licenses?

If you have already purchased GridBuddy licenses and would like to buy additional licenses, please email us at with the number of additional licenses you'd like to purchase.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply email us at for account changes.


Can I create new objects from the Grid if I did not select any required fields in the Grid Wizard?

GridBuddy will automatically append all required fields needed to save an object when creating new records from the Grid, even if you did not select these fields in step 2 of the Grid Wizard.

Why do I get an "internal server error" when I click the Grid Wizard tab?

This is a known issue with Salesforce when the "Show View State in Development Mode" option is checked under Personal Information. The solution is to uncheck this box. To uncheck this box, click your name and go to Setup > My Personal Information > Personal Information. Click Edit, then uncheck the box next to "Show View State in Development Mode" which is in the right hand column. Finally click Save.

Why do I receive the error "No such column...custom object has not been deployed" when accessing the grid?

Custom objects are not deployed by default when you install an AppExchange package. If custom objects have not been deployed, users will see an error message when they access a grid. The error message will reference a custom field and end with:"[custom fields are] not visible to the user because the custom object has not yet been deployed."

To remedy this error, you will need to deploy package components. Please refer to page 9 of the Winter 11 documentation (linked below) for more information:

Why does my GridBuddy Editable Related List on a Record Detail page appear as a pop-up?
Turn off "Development Mode" for your user record. If you are experiencing this error in Internet Explorer, you may need to modify your IE settings:
  1. Click tools > Security > Internet
  2. Click "Custom Level"
  3. Select "Launching programs and files in an IFRAME" > enable
Why do I receive the error "line #:### no viable alternative at character '%'"?

This is a known issue that has to do with including a picklist on the grid that has a value with a semi-colon in it. We suspect this is a Salesforce bug because they did not allow semi-colons to be included in picklists until recently, and there is cause to believe that they now allow this inadvertently.

The workaround is to alter your picklist values so that there is no semi-colon included. If this is not a viable workaround for you, please contact, and describe how this issue is preventing you from performing your use case. We will look into a solution for this issue provided we have proper justification.

If this is not the cause for this issue, please email, and describe your grid configuration so we can further assist you.


Who do I contact if I have a GridBuddy problem?

Simply email us at

Where can I submit product feedback about GridBuddy?

We'd be happy to hear your feedback. You can email us at

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