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ProcessGrid by AppBuddy is the quick and intuitive data interaction solution that delivers unsurpassed user experiences, productivity and adoption. ProcessGrid intelligently connects data from disparate sources and incorporates the logic and security of your existing enterprise systems into one unified, actionable user experience.

The AppBuddy Approach

End users need to work with enterprise systems to complete their work. Working across multiple systems and interacting with data is difficult because each system has different user interfaces, workflows and disconnected data. Users must constantly go back and forth between systems because they do not have the right data integrated from disparate systems into a single, manageable user experience that allows them to quickly and easily get their work done.

ProcessGrid solves this problem with 5 key components

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Focus on End Users

End users work best with intuitive and simple experiences that disguise otherwise complex processes. ProcessGrid delivers an exceptional user experience where users can get work done fast.

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Single User Experience

People lose productivity when they lose context. A single user experience provides one place for business users to connect to and transact against integrated data.

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Standardized Interface

Our apps deliver best practices for quickly completing business processes across disparate systems, and require minimal user training.

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Generic and Configurable

Any process, any data, any system. No code required. Complete applications can be configured with ProcessGrid.

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Data Virtualization

Provide a single federated data set that abstracts the technical details of the underlying systems, and enables users to interact directly on source system data. Data remains in its source system, but is presented in context to the user.

ProcessGrid features

  • Visualize and interact with data fast in one view with streamlined grids
  • Easily connect your cross-functional business processes and data
  • Fast deployment to thousands of end-users, across roles and regions
  • Fully configurable, no code required
  • SAP Hybris® and Salesforce® supported
  • Cloud-based and mobile ready

Combine data from multiple systems (Salesforce and SAP) into one unified, actionable view.

Visualize and act on data fast through streamlined grid quick editing and actions

Contextually show and progressively disclose data & actions to validate details

GridBuddy Screenshot.svg

No need to replicate or sync data between different data sources or an integrated experience

GridWizard to quickly develop grids.

Inherit native system security and define custom security settings

Single, actionable user experience for conducting
cross-system business processes.

For more information, please read the ProcessGrid datasheet


Introducing Data Interaction Solutions™

Data interaction solutions intelligently connect data from disparate sources into one unified user experience, incorporating the logic and data of your existing enterprise systems. Quick and intuitive, AppBuddy’s data interaction solutions, applications and system connectors deliver business interfaces with superior user experiences, workflows and connected data. Business users love these interfaces, and companies can use them with their existing enterprise security and data integrity to confidently run their business.


Work the way
you want to work

End users need to work with enterprise systems to complete their work. Data interaction solutions present the right data integrated from disparate systems into a single, manageable user experience that allows them to easily interact with their data and quickly get their work done. No swivel chair integration.


See the
right data

End users interact with the right data regardless of the many systems and applications in which it lives. Disparate data is presented in one, actionable view.


Take intelligent

Easy data interaction ensures that the right actions are taken on data and processes by the right users at the right time.


Easily adopt
new business processes

Because AppBuddy is intuitive, business users and developers can quickly configure grids that integrate key data and applications so they can easily interact with their data in multiple systems.

ProcessGrid benefits


ProcessGrid delivers data interaction solutions that simplify complex work, delivering user productivity, adoption and improved data quality.

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Single user experience

An exceptional user experience where users can get work done fast.
Transactional Data Sets ProcessGrid.svg

Transactional data sets

One place for business users to connect to and interact with all the right data.

Support for multiple cloud and on-premise sources

AppBuddy ProcessGrid is an enterprise platform that extends the functions of GridBuddy to support multiple cloud and on-premise sources like SAP Hybris, Salesforce and others.
No complex data integration or etl processes.svg

No massive custom development projects

No code required. Complete data interaction grids can be configured with AppBuddy.
no massic custom development projects processgrid.svg

Full control and security

Companies can use data interaction solutions with their existing enterprise security and data integrity to confidently run their business. ProcessGrid respects all of your core systems’ existing security controls, and can even allow administrators to set further security controls on grids if so desired.
Support for multiple cloud sources Processgrid.svg

No complex data integration or ETL processes

Data virtualization allows users to access and update data without moving it from the system in which it lives. Leaving your data resident in its source system ensures data security, saves you costly traditional application integrations, and avoids the risks of data synchronization errors.
complex data visibility enables 360 degree customer views processgrid.svg

Complete data visibility enables 360-degree
customer views

ProcessGrid enables administrators to easily combine data from disparate systems in one actionable user experience, making it possible for organizations to roll out 360-degree customer lifecycle management business processes.

Why ProcessGrid?

ProcessGrid is a new data interaction solution that creates a single user experience from disparate business applications and data, empowering business users to get their work done fast. ProcessGrid takes the enterprise systems you have and intelligently turns them into applications that are loved by end users.

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technology platform

We’ve been delighting our customers
for six years and counting. 

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Diverse and growing
blue-chip customer base

Over 500 business customers, in 17 countries, including
75 enterprise customers with 5,000+ employees, use our products every day.

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