GridBuddy streamlines the execution of everyday Salesforce business processes in a single, actionable view that enables any role to transact against any data faster.  Below are a series of videos to provide overviews and deeper dives into the product, how to leverage GridBuddy for any part of the customer life-cycle and success stories from our customers.

Contents include:

Introduction to GridBuddy

This introductory GridBuddy video provides a high level overview of GridBuddy.

GridBuddy Demo

Length:  2:32 minutes

Description: See how GridBuddy makes data management more efficient in Salesforce in this 3-minute introductory video.

Training Videos - How To’s

The following series of training videos were created to help empower users to learn the basic fundamentals and time-saving capabilities of GridBuddy.

How to Install GridBuddy

Length:  4:46 minutes

Audience:  Admins

Description: This video provides a step by step introduction to installing GridBuddy from the AppExchange. It includes finding the Grid specific tabs and how to manage users and profiles. In this video, you will learn how to enable Grid Wizard and Visualforce Page access to users.

Creating a Grid with Grid Wizard

Length:  3:21 minutes

Audience:  Admins

Description:  In this video, you will learn how to create a grid in GridBuddy using the Grid Wizard in just 3 easy steps.

GridBuddy Overview for New Users

Length:  5:39 minutes

Audience:  End Users

Description:  This video provides an introduction to GridBuddy. It includes how grids can be used, how to access your grids and baseline navigation. You will learn how to drill into multiple related objects, create new records inline and how to edit/update your data from a single screen.

GridBuddy Buttons and Icons

Length:  14:08 minutes

Audience:  End Users

Description: This video provides an overview of the buttons and icons included in the user interface to help you interact with your data inside your grids.

GridBuddy Mass Update

Length:  9:13 minutes

Audience:  End Users

Description: This video provides a deep-dive into the power of mass updating your data.  It is a configuration decision based on process specifications.  You will learn how to mass update not only multiple records at the same time but mass update across multiple related lists at once.

GridBuddy User Defined Filters

Length:  19:19 minutes

Audience:  End Users

Description: This video provides a deeper-dive into the flexibility of user defined filters which allows you to work with the information you need to view, create and edit using a subset of data that aligns with your individual business process.

Grid Wizard Overview

Length:  9:28 minutes

Audience:  Admins

Description:  This video is the beginning of the Grid Wizard overview series for GridBuddy administrators or power users who will design, create and maintain grids.  We provide an overview of the Grid Wizard tab and all the options administrators have available to them.

Create Tabbed Views

Length:  9:57 minutes

Audience:  Admins

Description:  This video shows how to build an entire application within a VF/Web tab using tabbed pages.  By using tabbed pages, you can provide the continuity of a process so it’s clear and users have a sequence of steps to easily follow for their role.

Embedding a Grid

Length:  9:35 minutes

Audience:  Admins

Description:  This video shows how to embed a grid into your page layout and replace related lists with targeted data sets.  Use tabbed pages to supplement or replace list views and/or record detail pages to get to the relevant data.

Flat View

Length:  10:43 minutes

Audience:  Admins and End Users

Description:  This video shows how to view parent and related data in the same row and “flatten” your data.  Highlights include how to see all objects in one row without having to drill into your data.  Also learn how to enable Flat View through the Grid Wizard.  Use cases include Campaign Management and Opportunities with Products. Note: Unlimited Edition is required.

Object Cross Reference (OXR) and Flat View

Length:  8:01 minutes

Audience: Admins

Description:  This video combines the power of mapping related and unrelated data to build powerful views including filtering by these cross-object relationships.  Use cases include Opportunities with Account detail using Flat View to access data in one row.  Another use case includes adding a cousin relationship, which in our example, highlights Case objects with additional cross referencing.

Customer Life Cycle Videos

GridBuddy empowers you to support the entire customer life cycle in one user experience. The below videos demonstrates those various stages.

Entire Customer Life Cycle in One User Experience

Length:  41:06 minutes

Audience:  Admin and End Users

Description:  See how to streamline any business process into single editable views, reducing clicks to accomplish work faster in Salesforce. Learn how to tailor the user experience for any user role, geography and/or process.

Lead Management

Length:  6:00 minutes

Audience: End Users

Description: See how GridBuddy makes lead management more efficient in Salesforce. In this video, you will learn how to manage leads by creating tasks and filters while using the inline editing and mass update features.

Opportunity Management

Length:  3:40 minutes

Audience:  End Users and Admins

Description: In this video you will learn how to manage opportunities in Salesforce with GridBuddy. In this example, you will see how GridBuddy improves overall productivity by empowering sales reps to easily edit important deal information such as close dates, forecast categories, lead sources and contacts in real time with inline editing.

Account 360 & Account Planning

Length:  2:21 minutes

Audience: End Users and Admins

Description: This video demonstrates how GridBuddy helps streamline the account planning process by dramatically reducing the amount of time spent clicking through tabs, fields and various pages in Salesforce. With embedded tabs, users can manage contacts, view opportunities, log tasks and activities all without leaving the account record page.


Length: 3:20 minutes

Audience:  Admins and End Users

Description: In this video, you will learn how GridBuddy helps streamline the entire renewal process. See how easy it is to manage upcoming renewals by sorting, grouping and filtering important account information such as contact records and renewal opportunities all in one grid.

Case Management

Length:  2:15 minutes

Audience:  Admins and End Users

Description:  Learn how GridBuddy helps manage cases in the Service Cloud Console of Salesforce. In this video, you will see how users can work more efficiently with fully customizable grids based on individual workflows, filters and processes.  


Community Webinars and Customer Testimonials

Customer success stories, testimonials, and webinars play an important role in measuring success and we, at AppBuddy, believe our customers say it best! The following videos provide just a few examples of how GridBuddy has completely transformed the end user experience, adoption, and utilization of Salesforce, while increasing productivity rates across organizations.


Real World Lightning Adoption

Length:  30:00 minutes

Description:  See the AppBuddy and Zen Cloud Technologies 30-minute webinar covering the top success factors needed to make a successful transition to Lightning, and how GridBuddy can smooth that transition.

What you'll learn: 

  • How to assess your organization for the transition
  • How to work around features not supported in Lightning Experience
  • How to plan the transition
  • The lessons learned from other customers that have made the transition with GridBuddy

NetApp’s Testimonial of GridBuddy

Length:  4:11 minutes

Description:  Learn how Steven Cox, from NetApp, uses GridBuddy to support a consistent user experience across the entire enterprise. Hear how they improved data quality, increased productivity, and reduced the cost of supporting the field, all while dramatically scaling the business.

AdRoll’s Secret to Keeping Sales Data Accurate

Length:  28:18 minutes

Description:  Find out how AdRoll, the retargeting and prospecting platform of choice for over 25,000 advertisers worldwide, successfully automated many of their manual processes in their customer lifecycle with GridBuddy and Salesforce together.  In this webinar, you will learn AdRoll’s secret recipe for dramatic productivity increases and efficiency gains including:

  • Faster lead distribution, follow-up, and conversion
  • Opportunity pipeline visibility and forecast accuracy

ROI Findings:  Adroll is using GridBuddy to follow-up on their qualified Leads, went from 25% follow-up rate to 100%, and doubled the number of appointments booked which includes an integration to Marketo.

AdRoll also went from a monthly forecasting review to a weekly process with all the data editable on one page, and integrated in their pipeline review process a Tableau dashboard - which is now the single most visited dashboard in the company! They've had fantastic user adoption, and can now follow-up immediately on hot Leads or Opportunities at Risk.

Solving Salesforce’s Biggest Challenges

Length:  56:59 minutes

Description:  Kicking off our Community Webinar series is Pat Cameron, Director of Customer Success, and Marc Aubin, AppBuddy Co-Founder and CEO, for a rare look at how companies struggle to make effective use of their data and how GridBuddy solves that problem.

Topics include:

  • Why data is only as good as your employees' ability to access it and act on it
  • Empowering Salesforce Admins and Users to view the data they need in a new way to avoid clicking around in Salesforce
  • How your business processes can be streamlined by giving Salesforce users a better way to act on data

Release Videos

Below are the latest (and archived) release webinars. Each video provides a demonstration of the latest product enhancements, features, and new functionality.


5.4 Release Webinar

Length: 23:22 minutes

Audience:  Admins and End Users

Author:  Robin and Andrew

Features include:

  • Tracking package
  • Field-level undo
  • Concurrent editing
  • Metadata Panel


5.3 Release Webinar

Length: 20:04 minutes

Audience:  Admins and End Users

Author:  Neda and Andrew

Features include:

  • Freeze Columns
  • Schedule for Multiple Products
  • Data Cards for Editable Related Columns
  • Additional Support for Cases


5.2 Release Webinar

Length: 30:19 minutes

Audience:  Admins and End Users

Author:  Pat and Andrew

Features include:

  • Data Cards Unlimited Edition Only
  • Quick Filters
  • Custom Code Integrator Unlimited Edition Only or Grandfathered
  • Editable External Objects


5.0 Release Webinar

Length:  52:54 minutes

Audience:  Admins

Features include:

  • Sticky Header/Footer
  • Chart Enhancements
  • Rename Objects and Fields
  • Conditional Formatting Enhancements
  • Lightning Design
  • Flat View Unlimited Edition Only
  • Editable External Objects Unlimited Edition Only


4.11 Release Webinar

Length:  55:55 minutes

Audience:  Admins

Features include:

  • Editable Level Settings
  • Persistent Resizable Columns
  • Conditional Formatting Enhancements
  • Formula Mass Update
  • Support for Multiple fpf/fpv Parameters Unlimited Edition Only


Helpful Resource:  GridBuddy User Guide