GridBuddy 5.4 provides new features that deliver greater visibility and insights for leaders, and increased functionality and usability for end-users.

This webinar covers the following new features:

1. Tracking package—See your most active users and their grid actions (loads, edits, saves). Track which grids are used most, by total actions. Identify trends such as whether specific actions happen on grids at certain times. New usage insights are displayed in the leaderboard. 

2. Field-level undo—Click the Undo icon before saving a record to revert to the last available value in the database. 

3. Concurrent editing—If two users create updates to a record at the same time, when the second hits save, they will see a notification. They can either refresh to view the updates, or hit save to override the existing record. 

4. Metadata Panel—Immediately see what data you’re pulling up and all filtering criteria from your Grid, in one click

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