Customer 360-degree View


The problem

Disjointed view of customer data

When customer data lives in multiple business applications it’s difficult to get a complete view of your customers in one place. Add organization and cross-departmental process silos, and the task is nearly impossible. This inefficient approach to customer data management not only leads to internal operational challenges, but also inconsistent and disjointed experiences for your customers.

AppBuddy Solution

Connect customer interactions with a Customer 360-Degree View

When you have a complete view of your customers, you can transform their experiences, improve their satisfaction, and strengthen their brand loyalty. With AppBuddy’s solution, you can deliver a superior experience that customers have come to expect at every step of their journey. Think account management, customer service, delivery, customer success, and renewals management data, all in one actionable view tailored for who needs to see it—no matter where the data resides. Cross-functional roles can collaborate more easily with access to information gathered outside of their department. With our solution all this is possible, easily and without complex and costly systems integrations.

Provide great customer experiences and strengthen brand loyalty

Think of a customer service representative who is trying to correct a delivery issue. They would need to know current order information, delivery schedules and technician availability to provide the customer with a seamless experience. With the experience we deliver, your rep has a complete and single view that helps align cross-departmental process, and smooth hand-offs along your customer’s journey.

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The Entire Customer Life Cycle In One User Experience

In this webinar we will touch on Lead Management, Opportunity and Pipeline Management, Case Management, and Customer Success use cases to show you how you can manage the entire customer life cycle in one user experience, by surfacing the data you need when and where you need it—without clicking around.

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