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How to Help Your Sales Development (SDR) Team Generate More Opportunities

by AppBuddy / Jul 17, 2017 5:22:43 PM

Sales development reps are responsible for prospecting, generating leads, and qualifying and scoring leads. Their productivity is often measured by how quickly and effectively they are able to propel leads into  the sales pipeline. That means sales operation managers must create repeatable processes that make logging in progress, and following up with leads as intuitive and efficient as possible. Such processes enable SDR teams to take proactive actions that allows them to optimize their productivity and effectiveness.

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Common Problems of Enterprise Software Systems & Electric Grid | GridBuddy

by Marc Aubin / Oct 2, 2016 5:13:01 PM


We’ve heard a lot about Lightning and Thunder from Salesforce, and now we are going to talk about raw electricity and how we can apply some lessons from the electric industry to how we implement enterprise software.

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