Launch a Grid from a Dashboard Component


Launch a Grid from a Dashboard Component

Posted by Kelly Lam on Mar 15, 2015 9:45:24 PM | Share

You can configure dashboard components to launch GridBuddy grids. This makes it easy to drill into the dashboard data so you can see and act on the details. Setting this up is simple:

Step 1: Edit your Dashboard

Navigate to your Dashboards tab and click the Edit button.

Appbuddy Dashboard


Step 2: Configure your Component

Locate the dashboard component that you want to launch GridBuddy from, and click the Wrench icon.

Configuring Component in Salesforce


Step 3: Specify the Grid to Launch

In the component, click the Component Data tab, and specify "Other URL" in the Drill Down To section, and then enter the Grid URL in the input below. Click OK to save and then refresh your Dashboard.

Component Editor Dashboard

Now when you click on the dashboard component it will launch a GridBuddy grid. 

Please note, there's no direct correlation between the GridBuddy grid and the underlying report, so if you have a filter on the report, that same filter will need to be configured in GridBuddy. Some Dashboard components have the ability to segment the data into several sections (e.g. a pie chart of different Opportunity types). The drill down to the grid is going to show all the records in GridBuddy (so you won't be able to click on the "Closed Won" slice of the pie and see a grid of only Closed Won opportunities).


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