How to make your Salesforce Lightning Migration Easy


How to make your Salesforce Lightning Migration Easy | AppBuddy Blog

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Change is hard, but it can often lead to growth. If you’re a Salesforce user you likely know that migrating to Lightning Experience is one of those dreaded changes most organizations face. Yet, making the transition may not be as hard as you’ve heard—at least not when you have a documented migration strategy and the right tools.

In fact, knowing the why and how before you begin, will set you up for success. Before you take the plunge into Lightning Experience, make sure you understand:

  • Best practices to make your transition as smooth as possible
  • Any feature limitations in Lightning, so you can plan accordingly
  • What tools are available to ease the transition to Lightning.

Lightning is improving more and more, with each new release in terms of supported features, but there are still a significant number of unsupported features in Lightning. Knowing which ones will impact your team and how to overcome them will be vital to your success.

In reality, most feature limitations can be mitigated with workarounds or third-party technologies that offer support for Classic and Lightning simultaneously to  transition at your own pace. Additionally, Lightning doesn't have to be turned on for all users at once, so you can create a migration strategy that supports your specific business process and migration objectives.

If you’re an existing Salesforce customer using the Classic interface, and you’re ready to switch to Lightning, then our eBook, Lightning Migration Made Easy, is for you! Or perhaps, you’ve made the transition, but you are running into feature limitation challenges. Download the eBook for in-depth look at Lightning migration best practices, and recommendations on workarounds that solve five common readiness risks and overcome unsupported features limitations in Lightning.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • Why Moving to Lightning is Your Best Bet
  • How to to overcome feature limitations in Lightning
  • Five Migration Best Practices for Success
  • How to Solve Five Lightning Readiness Risks

Additional resources and information on how to ensure a smooth and easy transition to Lightning: 
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