Addressing Top Risks in your Salesforce Lightning Readiness Report


Addressing Top Risks in your Salesforce Lightning Readiness Report

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You’ve known it was coming for quite a while. Users are clamoring for it, presentations and demos are built in it, and your colleagues can’t stop talking about it. Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEX) is on the minds of virtually every Salesforce user these days.

LEX promises more intuitive controls, a revamped interface and more configurable dashboards that make selling easier and more efficient than ever. However, leaving behind the workflows and navigation you’ve used for so long can be stress-inducing and uncomfortable.

If you’re like most Salesforce Classic admins, you’re concerned about what will become of the custom buttons, links, and objects you’ve invested so much time and money developing over the years. Fortunately, Salesforce has provided the Lightning Experience Readiness Report.

This tool scans the features and customizations in your Salesforce Classic deployment and delivers a report outlining how your specific features and customizations work in Lightning Experience, along with recommendations for minimizing any friction during your migration—all with a click of a button.

Yet, even with a detailed roadmap, the significant number of features not available in Lightning is enough to make most admins push the pause button out of fear that they’re not quite ready enough to transition.

To help put your mind at ease, here are five of the most common readiness challenges companies face, and how GridBuddy can help resolve them:

  • All-in-one, multi-object business process experience

Give users a familiar interface to access all the data they need to complete their daily tasks, across any object. Filtered views provide the right data at the right time, and allows users to quickly update everything they need without unnecessary clicks, or navigating in and out of records.


Multi Object Business Process Experience


  • Related lists and multi-object capabilities

Currently, many multi-object capabilities are not supported in Lightning. GridBuddy replaces related lists with editable grids, enabling easy editing of fields such as contact roles, campaign members, and opportunity line item schedules.


Related lists and multi-object capabilities  .png


  • Lookup filters

Not all features of lookup filters are supported in Lightning. With GridBuddy this is not an issue because lookup filters are supported.


Lookup filters1.png

 Lookup Filters in Salesforce

  • Product Schedules

Currently, Lightning doesn’t support the schedules object. Use GridBuddy to embed editable schedule objects in the Opportunity detail page in Lightning to circumvent this issue.


Salesforce Opportunities


  • Sales Command Center

Manage the Sales Command Center with GridBuddy to display all the objects not currently available in Lightning, all related objects, and customize how you see objects in ways that neither Classic nor Lightning can.


Salesforce Sales Command Center


Transitioning to Lightning is inevitable. And although some of the current limitations can add to the complexity of migrating, this shouldn’t keep you up at night. Using a proven technology like GridBuddy can help mitigate some of those limitations and deliver a seamless, smooth transition that everyone will enjoy!

To learn how GridBuddy can help you execute a seamless Lightning migration, download our ebook “Lightning Migration Made Easy” or send your readiness report to for a free consultation.


Download the eBook to learn:

  • Why Moving to Lightning is Your Best Bet
  • How to to overcome feature limitations in Lightning
  • Five Migration Best Practices for Success
  • How to Solve Five Lightning Readiness Risks

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