Creating a Link Between TaskRay and GridBuddy


Creating a Link Between TaskRay and GridBuddy

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Editor's Note:  AppBuddy is thrilled to have this guest post written by Brad Gross of Info Logistics. We're excited to have this opportunity to share the spotlight with Bracket Labs and their product TaskRay as Brad cleverly writes it.

Guest post by Brad Gross

Integrating TaskRay and GridBuddy for easier Project Management

Both TaskRay and GridBuddy are great at their repspective tasks. TaskRay makes it easy to create tasks against projects and then manage it visually. GridBuddy works hard to allow mass editing and viewing of records.

For as visual TaskRay is, we needed some way to mass edit tasks in the system. With these tools and a simple formula field(s) its easy to get both. This piece will show you how to build a grid that can be called from TaskRay and show tasks tied to the particular project.

Configure Grid - Initial Setup


The first step is to create the grid in GridBuddy. For us we created a number of custom fields within the TaskRay Task object so your fields may be different. The Parent Object field should be set to "TaskRay Project". We usually also set the grid to open in Edit mode and NOT in Read-Only. Makes it easier for the user. 

Configure Grid - Field Selection

GridBuddy Opportunity Review Tabbed Grids

In the next step pick the fields that your users are going to edit more often. Just a note that you have to specify at least ONE field on the TaskRay Project object. Your users may never see it but it has to be there. 

Configure Grid - Grid Filters

 Configure grid filters on Salsesforce

Next is to pick the filters. The Project records do not need to be adjusted or filtered at all. For Tasks however, the field "List" is definitely one to be sorted on. Also deadline is not a bad field. 

Configure Grid - Grab the URL

Configuration of contact Fiels on Salesforce

Once the grid is saved, launch the grid. It will show all TaskRay projects and their tasks. That's ok. We will handle the filtering in a later step. For now copy the URL. 

For example the URL above ends in /apex/Grid?gname=Project%20Task%20Grid

Create Field in TaskRay Project

Create Field in TaskRay

Now in Setup --> Create --> Objects click on TaskRay Project and then create a new custom field. It will be of type "Formula" and return Text. 

In the Formula field put in the FULL URL from above into the formula. It cannot be the relative link since we are asking to switch namespaces from TaskRay to GridBuddy.

Here is our formula: HYPERLINK("PLACE YOUR URL HERE&id="+  Id  , "Tasks in a Grid")

For us the formula is: HYPERLINK(""+  Id  , "Tasks in a Grid")

Add field to TaskRay Project Field Set

For the field to show up in the TaskRay Project Page Layout you need to edit the Field Set for the TaskRay Project Object.  On the object page scroll down to the Field Set and add the field to the list.

Copy for TaskRay Task

Repeat the above field creation tasks in TaskRay Tasks. That way one can access the grid either way. 

Project Grid Launch

Sorting Tasks Alphabetically with Salesforce

Now watch the fun. From any TaskRay Project or Task click on the field Tasks in Grid and watch the grid pop up filtered to tasks just to that project. 

Project Grid for a Single Project

Project Grid for a Single Project

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