Post to Salesforce Chatter from a Grid


Post to Salesforce Chatter from a Grid

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Communicating and connecting with people in your organization is what makes Chatter a great, powerful tool. What if it could be made even better and easier to use?  With just a couple lines of Visualforce code you can post to Chatter right from the grid! Using this neat trick, Chatter can become an even more powerful tool.

How are you posting to Chatter today?  One use case is with Contacts. To communicate with each Contact via Chatter, chances are you would go to each Contact’s record detail page to do it, possibly in another browser tab or window. Doing this for one or two Contacts isn’t a big deal. But, what if you wanted to post to several Contacts’ Chatter? The more Contacts you want to communicate with, the more time, work, and tediousness is required. What a pain!

Thankfully with GridBuddy there’s a better way with only a couple lines of Visualforce code via a grid action. Add this and you’ll be able to post to Chatter without ever leaving the grid!

Step 1 - Create a VisualForce Page

Start by going to Setup >> Develop >> Pages.

Getting to Visualforce Pages in Salesforce

chatter posts setup menu

Click “New.”

Creating a New Visualforce Page in Salesforce

chatter posts new vf

Give your VF page a label and name. Add the following code and click “Save.”

Code for your Visualforce Page

chatter posts vf creation

<apex:page standardController="Contact" sidebar="false" showHeader="false"
  <chatter:feed entityId="{!Contact.Id}"/>

Step 2 - Create an Action for the Grid

Now go to Grid Wizard 1 and click the “Manage Actions” link.

Manage Actions link on Grid Wizard 1 in GridBuddy

chatter posts gw1

Click “New” and enter the following information: Make sure to select the Object you’ll need, Single Record, choose “Grid Overlay” for Display Behavior and “Visualforce Page” for Content Source. The Content field should be the name you gave your VF page. The ID parameter you’ll use is “Id.”

Creating an Action in GridBuddy

chatter posts action creation

Click “Save” and go back to Grid Wizard 1. Select a grid on which you’d like to add this Action then click “Next.”  Scroll down to the bottom of Grid Wizard 2 and select the checkbox next to the Action you just created.

Selecting an Action to Add in GridBuddy

chatter posts add action

Click “Save.”

Step 3 - Post to Chatter from the Grid

Open up the grid by clicking “Launch Grid.”

You should see the Chatter action in the action dropdown menu for every record on this grid. Open up the menu and click on the Action.

Selecting Your New Action from the Grid in GridBuddy

chatter posts action menu

Chatter Overlay in GridBuddy

chatter posts overlay

Now you’ll be able to post to Chatter feeds of many Contacts -- all from the grid!  This action will also help in other use cases, such as with Users in your organization, or for Accounts if you have multiple people working on the same Account.

salesforce chatter

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