How to Manage Related Project Data with Milestones PM


How to Manage Related Project Data with Milestones PM

Posted by Evan Michalski on Feb 20, 2013 11:48:00 PM | Share

Milestones PM is a wonderful (and free!) app from Labs that brings project management into your Salesforce org.  By leveraging GridBuddy with Milestones PM, it makes it easier than ever to manage your Milestones related data on one page.

For this example, we’ll focus on a common use case in Milestones PM: Managing Milestones and related Tasks within a Project.  To start, you'll need to have Milestones PM & GridBuddy installed in your org from the AppExchange.

USE CASE #1 - Manage Milestones with related Tasks, embedded on the Project record detail page

The most important part of any project are the tasks that need to get done and the goals (milestones) that need to be attained.  In Milestones PM, a project is reflected with the following object hierarchy:

  • Project
    • Milestone
      • Task
        • Time

To quickly and accurately define the Milestones that define a Project and the Tasks needed to complete each Milestone, we need an easy view to see this data together.  Using GridBuddy, we can create an integrated list view of all Milestones for a given project and their related Tasks.  And since this view is fully editable, we can easily inline create, edit, update and delete the related records - all from the same page!


Before: Project record detail page (Milestones and Tasks are only accessible by clicking into child and grandchild related lists)

project page resized 600



After: Project record detail page with related Milestones & Tasks directly accessible in a grid.

Screenshot 2 21 13 9 36 AM 2 resized 600


To create a grid of Milestones and related Tasks, go into the application dropdown on the top right and select “GridBuddy”.  Create a new grid (I called mine  “Milestones and related Tasks”), and select “Milestone” as the parent object on Page 1 of the Grid Wizard.  Select the fields you want to display on the grid on Page 2, and save your grid.


Page 2 of the Grid Wizard showing fields selected for the Milestones PM grid
GridBuddy Milestones

Next we will create a Visualforce page for our grid to embed in the project page.  To do this, go to Setup > App Setup > Develop > Pages and create a new Visualforce page.  Name it something descriptive - I called mine “ProjectPageEmbed”.

Replace the default code with the sample code below.  Note that if you named your grid something different than “Milestones and Related Tasks”, you will need to update the ?gname= parameter in the code with the name of your grid.  Notice we are filtering by the Project ID in the URL.  This is how we’ll restrict the Milestones we’re showing on the grid to the Project page.

<!-- Notes: Replace "Milestones and Related Tasks" with the name of your grid. -->

<apex:page standardController="Milestone1_Project__c" sidebar="false" showHeader="false">
 <iframe id="gridFrame" scrolling="auto" height="480" width="100%" frameborder="0"
src="/apex/gblite__Grid?gname=Milestones and Related Tasks&fpf=Project__r.Id&fpv={!Milestone1_Project__c.Id}&sh=0&ssb=0&sbb=1">

Now go to any Project record detail page and select “Edit Layout” in the top right corner.


GridBuddy Milestones


In Edit mode, drag a new section on to the page.  Click the wrench to select “1-column” in Section Properties.

Now click “Visualforce Pages” and drag-and-drop the Visualforce page we created (“ProjectPageEmbed”) into the new section on the page.


Screenshot 2 21 13 12 10 AM 3 resized 600


Select the properties wrench on the Visualforce page to change the height of the page (I recommend 525) and uncheck “show scrollbars”.

Setting Up Visual Force Video Properties

Once you save your layout, you will see the embedded grid on all your Project record detail pages for the page layout you just edited.  Now you can easily edit your Milestones and related Tasks right from the Project page.  

To add Mass Update functionality to the grid, simply select the “Mass Update” checkbox on Step 1 of the Grid Wizard.  This will expose the Mass Update button on the grid and allow users to mass update both Milestones and Tasks from the grid.

Note that only users with GridBuddy Premium licenses can see the embedded grid.  You will need to manage visibility of this page layout to only user profiles who have access to GridBuddy.

When adding new Milestones from the grid - you will need to associate the Milestone to a particular project via the “Project” field lookup on the grid


Use the Project lookup to associate the Milestone to the correct project
Screenshot 2 21 13 12 12 AM resized 600


NEXT UP: Use GridBuddy to manage Timesheet data in Milestones PM

Don't have GridBuddy installed and want to give this cool integration with Milestones PM a try? Install 14-day cost-free/risk-free trial of GridBuddy Unlimited from the AppExchange now!

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