3 Primary Objections to fixing UX


3 Primary Objections to fixing UX | GridBuddy

Posted by Klara Young on Jun 1, 2016 11:54:12 AM | Share

When we talk to Sales Operations managers or IT teams in charge of rolling-out and supporting/improving the Salesforce platform for their companies, this is what we hear too often: yes, our users complain about the # of clicks, how it’s taking them too long to access and edit their data - but it works, they have a way to do it, and we have other bigger projects to focus on.

So there goes yet another year when end-users are the poor-children, left out of all the improvements happening. System integrations, company org mergers, marketing automation, dashboards and analytics for the Executives all take priority - all necessary, but why not squeeze in a quick win for the people who actually own and act on data in Salesforce everyday?

3 Primary Objections to Fixing UX and Why You Need to Reconsider Them

  1. User interface improvement is not that important, that’s just icing on the cake once all the rest is working

    Paradigm shiftit’s costing you real dollars to have your sales reps clicking around. We estimate the cost of updating their weekly pipeline to be around $1,000/month/rep. And the more you wait with it, the more you dig yourself into a data quality issue- which will soon become an indomitable beast, that your Exec team will need solving immediately.
  2. Changing the interface for end-users is a big deal; they are used to what they have - it would take a lot of change management and re-training

    Paradigm shift: giving your users an intuitive interface that’s easy to understand and saves them hours every week will get adopted very fast - especially if it’s similar to something they are used to like an Excel/spreadsheet experience.

  3. IT needs to be heavily involved in that change, and we have no spare resources

    Paradigm shift: getting an app installed from the AppExchange and configured in a few clicks is the domain of admins who will be only too happy to have more control over the end-user experience, and become agile in providing them solutions to their long-lasting requests. No deployment needed, no coding experience needed- point and click, get up and running in minutes.

So, get something to your users that will show you care about them, significantly improve their lives instantly, make them more efficient, safeguard the quality of your data, and probably have the biggest direct impact on your company’s bottom line: give them a productivity tool for managing their data in Salesforce!

Check out how GridBuddy helps Fortune 50 and Non-profits alike to improve their Salesforce user adoption by 90%:

GridBuddy for User Adoption from AppBuddy on Vimeo.

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