Account Planning


The problem

Poor visibility of account data

Account management can be a headache when you lack full visibility into all your account data. When account planning happens outside of Salesforce, on spreadsheets and presentations, it only gets worse. This siloed management of data in disparate systems leads to incomplete view of all the moving parts of an account that causes account teams to miss opportunities and slows response to customer needs. The problem deepens when members of your account team are not able to collaborate effectively because the systems that hold account information are not integrated.


AppBuddy solution

Immediate account visibility in one place

Provide your account team with everything they need to inform their account planning meetings —in one view—no matter where the data resides.
With AppBuddy’s solution, users can see all the data they need for account planning in one actionable view, so they can easily view, update and act upon account data in one place. As a result, management has full real-time visibility into the most important accounts. Sales and account managers can effectively collaborate on strategic accounts.Customer success and support work within the system of record with a full view of account information and easy updating and editing allows them to keep account data up to date. This creates a collaborative environment where sales and customer success and support work harmoniously with access to great data and account visibility.
Our customers have standardized their account planning process in one system of record, increasing user adoption, account visibility, and sales effectiveness throughout their sales organizations.

Opportunity Management in Salesforce.png

A platform for superior Account Planning execution

Our approach to account planning is founded on delivering an exceptional user experience to every member of the account team so they are delighted to work within the system of record. Our solution offers users the flexibility to configure solutions that support the process or methodology of their choice.

Effective account planning solutions must be configurable to any methodology and deliver three foundational elements to combat the problems encountered when trying to work with disjointed and siloed data: user interface integration, logic integration, and data integration.


User Interface Integration

User interface integration provides users with a concise, consistent experience presented for their role so that they can quickly execute and collaborate on business processes.


Logic Integration

Logic integration allows users to take action on data and execute workflows according to their role, without redefining what is already being enforced in existing applications.


Data Integration

Data integration allows users to work with the right data set—whether that data lives in a CRM, ERP, or SCM system—specific to their role.

While current packaged solutions do provide some level of these three foundational elements, they are very limited by their lack of flexibility and customizability.

When all three elements are delivered, users quickly adopt the system, keeping data current and accessible by all. Every team member can act quickly and smartly to deliver higher value to the customer, and an excellent customer experience. Companies quickly become trusted advisors to their customers with the right, coordinated and informed plans and actions.

Customer implementation of AppBuddy for Account Planning

Adobe implemented a formal account planning process that significantly improved the accuracy of their data. With AppBuddy, Adobe consolidated their account planning data into Salesforce without code or IT resources, breaking down long-standing data silos and making information accessible to any team member on-demand from any device. To learn more, read the Adobe customer case study below.

Account 360 & Account Planning With GridBudy


Account 360 & Account Planning

This video demonstrates how GridBuddy helps streamline the account planning process by dramatically reducing the amount of time spent clicking through tabs, fields and various pages in Salesforce. With embedded tabs, users can manage contacts, view opportunities, log tasks and activities all without leaving the account record page.


Customer Success Story


Intelsat uses GridBuddy to create multi-level list views and personalized views that bring together data from multiple sources with just a few clicks to create a scalable, intuitive single user experience for everyone on the team.


Solution Brief

Strategic Account Plans

To survive—and thrive—in the modern buying and selling landscape, sales organizations must pair account planning strategies and best practices with technologies that help execute their plans more efficiently and effectively. Read the Solution Brief to learn why strategic account plans fail, execution best practices, and how to better execute your account plan.

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