GridBuddy Testimonials

Here are a few reasons why our customers LOVE GridBuddy:

Time and Productivity Gains

"If I had the budget to purchase only one App in SalesForce, this would be the one. We attempted to implement a native Salesforce solution without using GridBuddy. Our users kept getting confused & lost when they switch between Parent and Child records. No user is able to grasp it even after intensive training. We then transitioned to a GridBuddy solution. All of our users (most of them are not system oriented) could use it sophisticatedly after 5-10 minutes training.

Based on our experience, the GridBuddy solution saves our users overall 80% data entry time (compared to the native Salesforce solution). More important, it makes the user interface much more intuitive and neat (less buttons, less page layouts). Here I'd also like to mention that the GridBuddy support team is VERY RESPONSIVE to customer's requests (regardless if it's a bug fix, enhancement wishes or technical questions) and have been delivering continuous improvements to meet customer's requests."
Bing Maletz, Sandoz

"I did not know how much I needed this until we purchased it. I accelerated the purchase in advance of our project roll-out so that I could implement a grid that solved a data visualization/management problem that was costing dozens of executive hours per month. It took me less than 10 minutes to set up the grid. I expect we'll have reduced time spent on the supported business process to decrease by 90%. For real."
Mark Brailsford, Intelsat

"Easy to integrate and easy to use - great app for front-end data management. I needed a solution that would allow my users to update certain data elements in a more timely manner. GridBuddy does exactly this."
Jeff Kuziemko, U.S. Green Building Council

"GridBuddy is a life saver! This cuts editing and updating time 90%. What used to take hours can now be done in a fraction of the time."
Beth Carroll, The Cygnal Group

"A true time saver! We have a couple processes that when they go wrong we have to mass update a couple fields, this used to take a long time since either the operator will have to go record by record, or some one will have to export data to excel, modify the column required and give it back to the Sys Admin to do an import. Since we started using GridBuddy the amount of work that goes to the sys admin has dropped to close to 0 and our operators are way happier."
Carlos Villapando, Food Perspectives

Development Cost Savings

"Invaluable data management tool with many applications. A huge asset for any user, but especially for nonprofit organizations that need to edit multiple objects in one view, but aren't able to hire a consultant to develop custom pages with Visualforce."
Charise Van Liew, fuseDC

Operations Cost Savings

"Amazing App That Helps Save Time! We have included GridBuddy in case configuration for two different call centers and it has saved our agents a ton of time entering case data. One of our call centers will have a cost reduction of close to 75% because of the saved man hours entering data. It's extremely easy to setup, configure, and reconfigure when necessary."
Mike Speer, Giant Eagle


"Anyone who has master-detail relationships and wants to be able to see the big picture AND edit it all on one screen efficiently should get GridBuddy. It is a no-brainer, especially for the price."
Michael Barrow, Page 1 Solutions

"If you edit Salesforce data, you need GridBuddy. This app fills a gaping void in Salesforce's standard features."
Bruce Perry, The BELL Foundation

"GridBuddy is an invaluable tool, especially for call centers. Using GridBuddy vastly simplifies calling through long lists of Leads for our users; we also use it to track statuses on Opportunities and to evaluate Lead and Contact qualification criteria. Previously we had people pasting Salesforce views into Excel to do some of the things which GridBuddy makes trivial. The ease of use for creating related objects is especially striking."
Evan Donovan, TechMission

"GridBuddy is easy to use, and the value/support are excellent! It's highly robust and flexible, an absolute no-brainer for the price."
Corporate User, GBL Sales

Improved User Experience and User Adoption

"Super Time & Frustration Saver. The one thing that I love the most is that once GridBuddy is setup & configured, it improves user adoption and lowers user frustration. When users feel like they can get more done with less keystrokes, they feel empowered, they save their companies money, and everyone feels like a hero,"
Garry Polmateer, Salesforce MVP, Red Argyle

"Perfect Tool for Bringing Less Comfortable Users on Board! GridBuddy has been a great bridge for beginning-intermediate level SF users to input updates much more quickly than manual edits."
Edward Yerke-Robbins, MAZON

"A Life Changer! GridBuddy has been great to work with and every one of my users has been using it actively ever since we implemented it. We have many process in place where we have to manually update statuses and data points on a different records. GridBuddy has made these processes so much more effective and is very easy to use."
Christie Bissias, Baker Communications

"Our first grid cut out much of the excessive navigation involved in our data entry process. To say our users were overjoyed is stating it lightly (some even cried!). Word has spread and we are already getting requests for more grids."
Lance Peterson, Seedco

"This is very, very slick. Get this because it makes using SFDC so much easier."
Lloyd Leanse, Prager & Co.

"Awesome app! Its great for our team to be able to enter data at a one stop shop kind of thing all on one page. Love it! Fast customer service too!"
Tommy Huynh, Waypoint Real Estate Group

Improved Data Quality

"Excellent product - easy to install, easy to use - a must for mass updates. We are able to provide improved reporting to our clients since we are able to utilize the features of GridBuddy that native SalesForce would have taken too much time for updating multiple records on a regular basis. Thank you so much for such an excellent product!"
Christopher Hafner, Archipelago Services

"This is a great editing and 'data cleaning' tool. I use it a lot."
Stuart Murden, Renson

Great Support

"Life Saver. In an urgent situation to get GridBuddy moving, support was able to help out immediately."
Daniel Geri, Waypoint Real Estate Group

"Beyond how well the application works, the time it saves, and its general simplicity in using, the service has been superb."
Curtis Evans, Maiden Stone

"Great app, great service. We've been using GridBuddy in our org and it's saved us bundles of time and effort. Easy to set up and use. The support and customer service is excellent. Great app well worth the price."
Jared Hansen, International Language Programs

"Definitely a great time saving app. Saves a lot of time and avoids the need to go from record to record to make updates. I appreciated the quick support and personal assistance."
Jeanne Wallenstein, The Alliance of Chief Executives