Updating data in Salesforce means working with disparate single object list views and single record detail pages. As a result, editing multiple records or multiple objects in Salesforce takes many page loads and clicks.



Editing 3 Opportunities with 3 related Opportunity Products in Salesforce takes 32 page loads, 56 clicks, and 3 minutes and 24 seconds.


Improve Productivity by 5x with GridBuddy

GridBuddy lets you view and update data in one screen, increasing your data management productivity by up to 500%

  • Inline edit, mass create, mass update or mass delete multiple records from multiple objects in a single view
  • Filter and sort data sets to exact user requirements
  • Reduce user frustration and increase adoption by presenting data in terms users will understand, not raw system components

Complete all your work in Salesforce as fast as you work in Excel, whether it’s a weekly pipeline review or working through all your high priority cases




Enterprise Scale User Experiences

Configure simple, personalized views that bring together data from multiple sources. GridBuddy is used in over 100 enterprise organizations like NetApp, Adobe and AOL where it supports key business processes like pipeline management and strategic account planning. GridBuddy easily scales to thousands of users, and has been designed with powerful features to make complicated rollouts a breeze, including:

  • A single user experience that is infinitely re-usable and reduces the need for end-user training
  • Point-and-click configuration
  • Support for Salesforce’s security model and additional admin control over user data access and grid actions
  • Code-free production deployment
  • Sophisticated tracking to measure adoption and business value
  • Multi-currency compatible, multi-region configurable


See GridBuddy in Action 

Watch this quick demo video to see the power of GridBuddy and how easy it is to get up and running with a whole new way to make every user in your organization more productive.

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Choose the GridBuddy edition that's right for your business

GridBuddy comes loaded with features that will streamline any business process but we've created advanced features for those businesses that have complex data visualization and advanced business process needs.

GridBuddy Enterprise:  GridBuddy Enterprise includes all the great GridBuddy features you need to roll out enterprise-grade processes for your business.

GridBuddy Unlimited: Get all the features that come with GridBuddy Enterprise  in addition to advanced features like Cross-Object Exception Reporting and External Object Support.

For more information, see our Features page. For more questions, please Contact Us.

GridBuddy will improve the way you manage your customer life cycle.  Try a 30-day Free Trial and see for yourself.