Are your reps spending too much time updating their Opportunities?

Posted by Susan Reynolds on May 13, 2016 2:59:24 PM | Share

Have you ever heard your Sales reps complain about having to edit their Opportunities before a pipeline or forecast meeting? That’s because editing large data sets in Salesforce isn’t easy. 

In a list view for example, if they need to update the Stage or Amount or Forecast probability, they need to click into each Opportunity one at a time - that’s a lot of clicks and page loads, and it’s cumbersome.

At AppBuddy, we have completely solved this problem. GridBuddy allows you to easily create any view of your data, which is inline editable. This saves users hours and improves adoption.

GridBuddy can also handle Multi-Object Data Sets, advanced filters, configurable Actions and more, so please reach out for a personalized demo and see how the Sales Command Center is helping Enterprise companies solve their data management problem.

Check out our 1 min video below!

GridBuddy Sales Command Center from AppBuddy on Vimeo.

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