New GridBuddy Release 5.0 Featuring Flat View, Editable External Objects, Sticky Header & Footer, and Lightning Design.  Now Available ›

 NEW GridBuddy 5.0 Release featuring Flat View, Editable External Objects, Sticky Header & Footer, and Lightning Design     |  Now Available »

All-in-One Customer Lifecycle Management in Salesforce

GridBuddy from AppBuddy simplifies end-to-end customer lifecycle management in Salesforce by combining all the data from your preferred systems and sources into an intuitive, unified user experience.

Quickly and efficiently update sets of records at any stage of the customer relationship to dramatically improve the quality and accuracy of your data while saving thousands of hours per year in manual data entry and unnecessary clicks.

Stop clicking around! Get GridBuddy and give your sales and account teams more time to focus on building and maintaining the high-value customer relationships your business needs for long-term sustained success.

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GridBuddy Overview


Integrated Real-Time Data Streams

Combine any data from Salesforce or any other cloud to create an intuitive, efficient records editing experience. Update records in real-time from a single business process view, saving time, money, and frustration!


Single Source of Truth

Enable Sales and Service teams with a 360-degree view of all your customer accounts by incorporating business-critical data from across disparate systems, and lines of business.


Simple, No-Code Deployment

Roll out GridBuddy quickly and easily without time-consuming code. Point-and-click configuration gets you up and running in minutes, not days or weeks.

Industry Leaders are Using GridBuddy

Watch this brief video to find out how Steven Cox of NetApp used GridBuddy to improve customer satisfaction and data accuracy while also keeping NetApp’s Salesforce user’s  happy.

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