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Delivering Seamless Business Execution Across Users, Applications and Data

AppBuddy simplifies business processes by combining all the data you need into one, unified user experience.  AppBuddy allows your users to work across data, applications and process silos. 

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When you start with the end in mind, you can build cross-functional, cross-application, cross-database processes in a single, consistent user experience. AppBuddy delivers that last mile of user experience that increases revenue, decreases costs and delivers full digitization across a business.

Industry Leaders Using GridBuddy


Watch how NetApp used GridBuddy to improve customer satisfaction and data accuracy while also keeping its Salesforce users happy.


See how AdRoll used GridBuddy to consolidate important lead and forecast management processes to improve SDR lead follow up and forecast accuracy by 4x, and double the number of appointments they book.



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