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Accelerate your user experience
See the new GridBuddy at Dreamforce '14

GridBuddy for Sales

Make Salesforce an addictively simple application for sales people, and reduce the time they spend on data entry.

GridBuddy for Service

Interact with related records on one page in the Salesforce Service Cloud® Console without having to navigate to separate tabs.

GridBuddy for Project Management

Streamline project management in TaskRay and Milestones PM, two of the most popular project management apps on the AppExchange®.

"The GridBuddy solution saves our users overall 80% data entry time compared to the native Salesforce solution."

Bing Maletz, Sandoz

"Frankly it is hard to imagine any Salesforce implementation which wouldn't benefit from having this app."

Paddy Blackley, Web Summit Services Limited

Happy customers, helpful customer support.

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