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Stop Clicking Around!

GridBuddy brings data together into one view so that work can be done more efficiently in Salesforce®.  GridBuddy eliminates costly clicks and page views, enabling Salesforce users to efficiently manage data for any step in the customer life cycle, from lead, to cash, and beyond.

Get views of your Salesforce data that match your business processes


Combine any data from Salesforce, or any other cloud, into intuitive, multi-object editing experiences


Update records from a single business process view, saving time and avoiding costly clicks and page navigation


See a 360 degree actionable view of customers


Roll out quickly and inexpensively, no coding is necessary with our point-and-click configuration

Industry Leaders are Using GridBuddy 

Watch this brief video to find out how Steven Cox of NetApp used GridBuddy to improve customer satisfaction and data accuracy while also keeping NetApp’s Salesforce user’s  happy.

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